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Oyester 44

It was a Dutchman’s dream to create the world’s best seafood-pairing spirit. And so he did. Driven by his passion for the picturesque coastal region and all the delicious food it has to offer, Chris Liebau created the award winning vodka OYESTER44.

Chria Liebau

Founder Oyester MAritime Spirits & Seltzers

A small-batch botanical vodka, infused with the unique terroir of coastal Zeeland, a region in southwest of The Netherlands dominated by islands and peninsulas of which over 1,000 sq. km. 100% handcrafted in a distillery located just four steps from the sea with true regional terroir, trying to use local ingredients as much as possible.

If you appreciate provenance, all-natural ingredients, small-batch methods and love how the terroir of a region can define its food and drink, then OYESTER44 is the vodka for you.

Q. What was your inspiration behind Oyester44 vodka?

I deliberately created a vodka, in general, vodka has a neutral flavour and nose and there’s no dominant element in a vodka like the juniper berry in a gin. This means that everything you add infuse has an impact on the taste and aroma. I just liked the straightforwardness of a vodka and the things that happen to it when you infuse botanicals, different tinctures of all sort of flavours. So that’s what I did and tried to capture the coastal feeling that I love so much in one single bottle of vodka.

Q. Can you tell us more about the "oysters" in Oyesters' drinks?

The oysters used in OYESTER44 are from the fishing village of Yerseke, world famous for its seafood culture. The small village is packed with oyster and mussel farms and offer great seafood restaurants. The local oyster ships carry the letters YE and that’s why we carry these in our brand to honour the fishermen. When preparing the oyster distillate hundreds of local Imperial oysters are shucked and used for maceration and distillation. We even use the oyster shells. The Imperial oysters we use are cultivated by Dhooge family in traditional ‘oesterputten’. Their oyster farm is called “De Oesterij” was founded in 1906 and nowadays the oysters are shipped to the best restaurants all over the world.

Q. And how was the idea of the Hard Seltzer born?

The idea for OYESTER® Hard Seltzer was born a couple of years ago when I had ,y first seltzer and was blown away being by its refreshing and sessionable drinkablitiy. No complexity really: just easy and thirst quenching. I started to think about developing my own OYESTER Hard Seltzer interpretation.

The inception for developing our own Seltzer lasted some years as the Covid lockdown had a severe impact on the business as well as the on-trade is the main source of business. Main goal was to build further on the OYESTER foundation of maritime and coastal inspired beverages with character and distincitve taste profile. OYESTER always strives to do things slightly differently and stand out from mainstream. Obviously our Maritime Seltzer is based on the same grain alcohol vodka foundation as used in OYESTER44®. I believe my Hard Seltzer is the best possible drink of choice when you're 39 & looking for sparkling rereshment, highly sessionable, very low on sugar and calories. It’s a clean product using only natural ingredients, aromas, colourings and no artificial stuff. Apart from that OYESTER our Hard Seltzer are perfect to pair with Asian

streetfood, anything from the BBQ, pizza and so on.

Q. How do you differentiate your brand from the ones available in the market?

Being slightly different than mainstream offerings, OYESTER created multiple fruit punch combinations instead of single fruit because that brings more exciting flavour profiles. Apart from that the OYESTER seltzers have relatively more flavour that tends to hang in just a little bit longer than the average seltzet. Instead of transparant liquid, OYESTER choose to have liquids with subtle colours with a subtle hazyness. It just looks better. The seltzers are topped off with a tiny pinch of natural seasalt by De Zeeuwsche Zoute for an extra kick in the back and to add a unique local element to our brand.

Q. What is in store for Oyester in the future?

When it comes to the future OYESTER has the ambition to become a sustainable and circular brand and switch to an organic vodka. To strengthen the brand OYESTER developed 2 more flavoured vodkas for launch later this year: Cassis vodka made with blackberries and aronia berries and a Pear vodka with local pears and honey. Besides that a line of signature ready-to-drink cocktails ready. We strongly believe in premium canned RtD’s with a full flavored cocktail standing out from mainstream.

OYESTER is proud supporter of the Surfrider Foundation in The Netherlands. The Surfrider Foundation fights for a clean ocean, clean beaches and protection of surfspots. Being likeminded we decided to support these good cause and donate a fixed fee per bottle sold.

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