Local Ferment Co.

Dress up, show up and kill it!

Noopur Porwal


What were the key driving forces to bring yourself into the AlcoBev industry?

Well, it was never planned, but it just fell into place. Like everyone else, I was dipping my feet in brewing ginger beer, wine, and making bread at home during the lockdown. It just so happened that I landed in this industry, and now I get to dabble with alcohol & beverages daily. A long-lost dream of mine was to do something with beer, and now I see the anecdotes of how everything has tied together nicely. There is a lot to learn but even more to explore.

How did you come up with the name for your brand?

I joined the brand in the early days. The name already existed.

What are the secrets to your success?

Success, just like learning, never ends, is what I would like to say. Today you might be very affluent, well connected, but is that what makes you successful? No, right? There are many facets to it, professional, emotional/personal, family, the people around you. For me, success is constant perseverance, steadfastness, and risk-taking when thinking out of the box for newer ideas.

How did you raise funding for your venture?

Fundraising is vital for any organisation on a constant growth path. Understanding our business requirements and building a foresight for what was required at the time and the company's financial health is what I focussed on. With help from Akash, we were able to raise it within the quarter. It's easy to overspend; however, understanding how much you need, prioritising with some buffer, and being frugal about it goes a long way.

What are your biggest successes and failures?

I am someone who is never content (it has its cons also ;)). I always want to do something new and interesting while being utterly cognisant that I can only move on to the next thing once I have completely assimilated it. And that means that I like balance before I jump onto something new.

How did you persevere through the tough times?

It's all about pulling your socks up and showing up the next day, being the backbone for your team because you persevere together. I believe it's important to bring in reason under challenging times to solve the problem at hand. My mantra is, what doesn't break makes you stronger. Every milestone of perseverance makes you stronger for the next one. I also try to understand people and situations innately and then take action.

What do you want to achieve next?

Let me achieve this first, one target at a time and an eye on the prize.

What are some of the challenges you faced or are facing regarding catalyzing innovation?

Constant research, putting across new & complex concepts is an everyday task. As much as business is about new and interesting products, you should also be able to sell them. Trying to build a market for products away from the norm needs a lot of education and awareness, which eventually helps with catalysing innovation.

What are your tips for growing a company?

I can't believe I'm answering this question, as I feel we've just started. We were a two people company for almost 1.5 years. That's why I would say always keep a good balance of the company's experimental verticals and stability paths. Always be open to last-minute surprises and makeshift arrangements, have a strong network, a good grasp of finances, and treat customers as your king. Find the right people - I've had so many people leave the company because they didn't understand our brand, but I've gone past that. People are the catalyst for your growth. The people around you will push you. The ones who stuck by are the ones I am eternally thankful for. Building a strong customer base is very important for you to grow organically.

What do you have to say to the future aspiring women entrepreneurs?

Do any and everything in your power so that we see a time where this question never gets asked again. Dress up, show up and kill it!