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The year of Tequila - 2022

Tequila as the top trending spirit

During November 2021, Drizly surveyed more than 500 alcohol retailers across North America to release their third annual Bev Alc Insights.

According to the research, 'Tequila may outsell vodka in 2022.' Nearly 80% of shops plan to stock more Tequila in the coming year, on pace with Bourbon. Drizly noted that Tequila's proportion of spirits on the e-commerce site has climbed by 13% in recent years, while vodka's share has decreased by 2%.

Over 60% of retailers stated they wanted to stock locally crafted items, with organic and natural products coming in second and third.

Bacardi also recently released a report, naming Tequila as the top trending spirit for more than 60% of bartenders around the world, driven by premiumisation.

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